Snowmobiler's Pledge

I will remember that this land I am traveling on is not mine, but borrowed for the season.  It is the home of someone else.  

I will respect their privacy as I would expect others to respect mine in my home and on my land. Moreover, I understand that I am not the only guest to share this great outdoors.  There are others from all walks of life who seek the same privilege of using this land just like me.

I will also respect Mother Nature's wild creatures who were here long before us.  I will take time to slow my journey, if only to experience the beauty of the season and to enjoy this sport I love.

I will remember the Golden Rule.  I will leave no blight of litter or abuse on this gift of freedom from life's often sameness.

Snowmobiling is a privilege, not a right.  Remember, the key to the sport of snowmobiling in Vermont is permission from a landowner.

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