Message to Landowners

Letter To Landowners

The Williston Hill Hawks Snowmobile Club would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank those landowners that so graciously permit The Williston Hill Hawks to maintain a snowmobile trail on their property. The Hill Hawks maintain and groom 22 miles of the 4500 mile VAST, (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) Statewide Snowmobile Trail System. 80 percent of the 4500-mile system is on private property! Without the generosity of these landowners, over 30 landowners in Williston, and the thousands more around the state, there would be no trail system for snowmobile enthusiasts in Vermont. So once again we say "Thank You!!" 

The other 20% of the VAST Trail System is on Various public lands. That is true here in Williston also.  Several miles of our trails are on Town of Williston Property. The Hill Hawks have built and maintain these trails as multi use trails, with the town, controlling the use on each piece of property. The Hill Hawks work directly with the conservation Committee, the Public Works Dept., and The Recreation Dept.

I would also like to remind everyone that permissions for the snowmobile trails are granted annually for snowmobile use only, and that when the snow is gone, the trail is gone. Please respect the private landowners, and refrain from using what was a snowmobile trail last winter.


Patrick Poulin
Past VAST President - WHH Club Member


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